Thursday, May 1, 2014

Salad Upcycle

On the menu: Salad and Leftovers

Oh Lord! Really?! Salad counts as dinner?! 
To me it does, but I have TrueLove and teenagers, so there is no debate about this. I am outnumbered and overruled. 

Well, the lettuce in the garden was erupting over it's humble little milk crate and it was too hot to cook. I had two left over chicken breasts along with a small portion of brown rice in the fridge- good stuff but not enough for everyone to fill a plate. So I buckled up for the cloud of disappointment I'd be serving up my family and set out to make a boring old salad. However! Light bulb over my head appears! I pulled out my spiralizer, which I just consider magical fun, reminiscent of the childhood joy of playing Betty Crocker with an Easy Bake Oven. I curlied up a few plain, old, boring veggies and slapped some bottled dressings on the counter and everyone thought I was wonderful.

This is a poor excuse for a blog post. It's not even a recipe. 

It's more of an idea that worked. I'm telling you that serving salad to my family is not an acceptable choice to them unless there is something dazzling about it, I mean I have a 16 year old son! Salad is just there on the plate so the REAL food doesn't look lonely. Encouragement, by "encouragement" I mean "threatening" are often required to ensure salad is consumed. Salad being a one-man show could get me fired.

I am often pleasantly surprised how simple things like running veggies through the Spiralizer, mandolin, zester or just slicing things up differently will change the whole experience for the betterment of all. They loved it. Compliments instead of complaints. There is nothing unique about this combination of ingredients except that the lettuce on the bottom and the herbs on top were grown by me, which actually is a miracle. The rest was what the bottom drawer of the fridge conjured up and anyone can do this! 

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