Thursday, May 8, 2014

21! Good Morning

Marley's water processed decaf Sumatra coffee
in their custom designed copper pour over that
sits in my kitchen window.


Today is TrueLove & I's 21st wedding anniversary!
And it is a good morning!

And as I sip my coffee,
I will reflect on how I am too young to be married 21 years,
but how TrueLove is truly one of the most 
amazing and wonderful persons that I know....
in the world!
I honestly love him more and more and more and more and more and more.........

I loved him from the second I laid eyes on him.
I was a young lady with a weakened self esteem that never expected
that the man of my dreams would love me too.
I prayed quietly,
"Lord I want to marry a guy JUST LIKE Jon Gilmore,"
because I didn't believe that I was enough for the real one.
A few weeks after that silly prayer we began dating
and three weeks in
we both knew it was meant to be.
I call him TrueLove in my blog posts because it's a nod to Princess Bride
and I walked down the aisle to the theme song of that movie
being played on the piano
because I felt my love story was a modern fairy tale.
The truth is....
there is a True LOVE that is bigger than my TrueLove & I
and that LOVE brought us together, fixed up a young girls identity and self esteem,
and has graced us to weather the storms of life
for 21 years and counting
never doubting for a minute that our love is forever.

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