Monday, February 13, 2012

Kaysie Li is coming home!

The best selling book of all time and my personal favorite says this about God:
"He puts the lonely in families."
This has been on my mind since my SweetFriendBarbie
is on her way to pick up her new daughter from an orphanage in China.
Her family of 6 is expecting their 4th little girl,
a five year old beauty
waiting for a family.
If she only knew now how much this family loves her already.
She will be joining her big sister (also from China), along with her 2 big brothers.
Would you all just join me in smiling up to Heaven 
and thanking God that he puts the 
lonely in families
another family is expanding it's heart
to be part of this story.
How awesome is that?!
I want everyone to get to read this post so I'm leaving it up for a few days!
We can revel in the excitement of this awesome family and awesome God that loves 
this little girl so much that he bringing Barbie and Drew across the globe to find her. He set this
one in motion long before any of them were aware!

"No, I can't save them all. But I can save one. It won't make a difference to many, but it will make a difference to her. Isn't that worth it? THIS girl is going to have a family, a home, and know about the God who loves her more than anything." Barbie Roth

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