Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vegetable Broth

It's time to get into a scrap.
Time to scrap the boxed Vegetable Broth.

A picture of all your veggie scraps?!
They are beautiful now that I know what to do with them.
I save them, throw them in a bag, throw the bag in the freezer,
and they are ready when I want to make 
Vegetable Broth
that tastes WAAAAAAY better than the boxed kind.
I just throw them in the colander and rinse them off.
Then I put them in my big pot.
Cover them with water.
Stick in some 
pepper corns
and anything that want to flavor the broth with.
Then I bring it all to a boil,
then when it comes to a boil I turn it to a simmer
cover it.
Keep that up for 6 to 24 hours.
I like the 6 to 8 range personally.
Then when it's all cool,
stick it in a large mason jar 
and it's ready to go
when you are.
I love it!

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