Wednesday, February 8, 2012


First it was just an inconvenience.
Then it appeared to be a legitimate bang up.
And as our hearts dropped,
our stomaches ached,
our wallet was squeezed dry,
we were then sure
that it was a full blown CRASH.
The emotional roller-coaster ride accompanying
the event has left us with whiplash
I am happy to report that we are 
slowly recovering.
Before you start sending us
"Get Well" cards,
I must confess that it's my computer 
that I'm talking about.
It was a huge bummer. 
Irreplaceable photos,
hours of my life invested,
 and a few false hopes of full recovery.
If this post makes it,
cross your fingers, 
it means we're back on our feet.
Forgive me for abandoning my post.
I copped a bit of an attitude and 
refused to blog until my 
computer was 100%.
I've missed you.
I'm back!

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