Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year! New You! Event

I've been making pretty gift bags for my Open House
New Year! New You! 

I am getting so excited!
Everyone's invited!
Bring a friend!

Three gorgeous friends,
Jeanne Norsworthy of Worthy Granola of San Francisco,
Amy Sidebottom with Norwex,
myself with Arbonne International.
Side Note: I only used the word "gorgeous" to describe myself because
I'm reveling in the discovery that I've lost 10 pounds
since I started the 30 Days to Feeling Fit.
Thank you!

And for all of you out there I encourage you to say something nice about yourself
 to yourself!
It feels so good to say something sweet about yourself!

Did you say something nice about yourself yet?

Well done! You gave yourself a gift!

So, back to my event!
This event is just to introduce friends and family to what makes
Arbonne products so special and why I am so delighted to be embarking in this business.
 This event is informal, no heavy sales or pitches,
just discovering new fantastic products and booking demonstrations/events
for the year and this is a great time for people to start booking.
for everyone who books an event with me,
they will get to take one of these delightful gifts home!
Please make sure you are one of those people!
In fact, 
if you can't come on Monday,
you can still book an event with me
925 389-2775.

You are interested and you do not know what an "event" means?
Great question.
An event is just simply getting 3 or 4 friends together.
It can be at your home, office, coffee shop, or you can even bring your friends to my home,
to learn and experience what makes Arbonne so fantastic.
These events are easy, fun and super educational!
When you host an event for me,
there are wonderful incentives like special pricing and free product!
Plus, you are helping me build my business in a very fun venue 
with your very own precious friends.

Bring a friend! Bring two friends!
We will be sipping on smoothies, effervescent energy "cocktails",
chewing on luxurious herbal carmels,
all while sampling amazing botanical skincare.
That's not all!
Remember that Norwex will here demonstrating how to rid 
chemicals from you home with effective rags that
require only WATER! And by "demonstrating" I mean cleaning some of my
tables and mirrors! Don't you want a "demo" in your home? You don't even need to clean
first! Right?!
And still, that's not all!
Worthy Granola has won me over to granola!
You can bet that she's going to have fresh, scrumptious granola circulating and ready to buy. So come hungry and take home a few jars of granola that is definitely 
worthy of your devotion.

A great idea is to just pop in on your lunch break, 
you won't leave hungry after you've sampled all of the fair and it will only take a moment to book your event!

Please call for directions: Nicole (925) 389-2775

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