Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You said it Patrick Star!!

Spongebob: What's wrong Patrick?
Patrick: I just realized that my whole life I've been
eating and sleeping,
eating and sleeping,
eating and sleeping,
And I laughed so hard because I can relate.
And thus,
that is why I am happy to be doing the
30 Days to Feeling Fit and Fabulous.

(Coconut Blueberry Smoothy with Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder)

By the time you read this
little blurb it will be 
Day 9.
I feel slimmer,
more energetic,
and I'm noticing that I look less puffy.
That is a strange thing to notice 
and I would never expect 
anyone else to notice,
but I do.
I noticed where my watch and bracelets sit,
that there was always a puffiness to my wrists
and it's gone!
So there's hope for the puffiness 
under my eyes.
I do not crave sugar
and I'm not climbing up the walls.
The hardest part so far was meandering the
Farmer's Market on the weekend 
and not tasting all the happiness
that was shoved in my face.
On my plan,
I do not snack between meals
because I'm letting my blood sugar dip to 
a normal hungry spot before I eat,
rather than keeping it elevated
by eating all day.
I love it!
And Oh, can I relate to Patrick Star?!
I'm taking a 30 Day vacation 
from indulgence
and it feels 

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