Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smoky Eyes

The Smoky Eye
is a look that we all wish we could pull off.
The look is sultry, dramatic, warm and soft.
Somehow in the world of 
beauty and glam,
the picture has been painted
 that the look
is only for some people, 
some very glamorous, 
fashionable people
but not for all of us.
Not true!
A year ago, I had my makeup done by
one of the top artists of Chanel.
He had just been working with a beautiful Asian woman.
She said to him, "I'd love to learn how to do a smoky
eye but I'm not sure I can wear it. I have no eyelid."
He told her that she ABSOLUTELY could do
a smokey eye and that she'd find it 
very easy and he began to show her how.
He said, I quote, "Anyone can wear a smoky eye."
According to Molly Stern, Makeup Master for Cover Girl
the smoky eye is "by far the most requested look my clients ask for."
For anyone who would love a fun way
to try this dreamy look,
I have a trick up my sleeve to share too.
Arbonne is offering a limited time special that 
I think is a perfect way to learn this look and
try some new products.
The beauty of these cosmetics, no pun intended,
is that they are 
pure, safe and beneficial.
Arbonne prides itself on the things that they do NOT put 
in their products:
animal products or by-products
formaldehyde-donating preservatives
petroleum-based ingredients (benzene, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, toluene)
Yes, those are things that you will NOT find in these cosmetics or skincare.
You will find lightweight, richly pigmented makeup with botanicals.
The eye shadows key ingredients are: cucumber extract,
mallow extract, vitamins A, C, and E 
suitable for all skin types.
Having said that, I think these smoky eye sets are super fun!
They would make great Valentine gifts,
birthday gifts,
employee gifts,
or just because gifts.
Look Like A Star

The Sky Smoky Eyes Set: Lilac, Blue Slate, Ocean, and Snow.
It comes with a travel brush set, tutorial sheet and the patent look bag.
It is a $124 value or $68

The Twilight Smoky Eyes Set: Jave, Midnight, Divine Plum, and Petal, a copper
lipstick, tutorial, and patent look bag.
It is a $134 value for $68

I'm sure you could fit a blush in that cute little bag while they are on special at 50% off.
They come in apricot, berry, taffeta, sunset, and merlot.
Regularly they are $35 but this month $17.50.

I hope you don't mind me sharing this little tidbit. 
I promised my blog family that this blog will not become all about my new Arbonne business adventure, and I do mean it,
but I really couldn't keep these goodies to myself. 
Who doesn't love makeup and trying something new,
especially at a good price?
So, thanks for letting me share.
You can purchase at
or just let me know and I'll do it for you!

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