Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I apologize that I don't have time to do my typical 
ravings about how awesome this dish is.
You must trust me.
I take no credit for it's amazingness
except that I did somewhat follow the directions.
Also, I don't have the ample time to give you a tutorial,
especially when the real deal is so easy to follow.
I suggest that you either subscribe on line to 
or buy the publication at the supermarket or bookstore.
The recipe is in the current February issue.
Living Without is a magazine for people with allergies and food sensitivities,
which thankfully I don't, 
however I'm eating like I do on my
30 Days to Feeling Fit
and I'm loving it!
May eat gluten free forever since
eating this way has made some very 
positive changes in my appearance.

The only thing that I did different is that I used my left over chicken that was prepared with only salt and pepper. This recipe calls for soaking chicken in fish sauce
and sorry, fish sauce is just plain weird and I don't use it.
Plus I added a bunch of Crushed Red Pepper Flakes because I forgot
to pick up the chili sauce for garnish.

I followed everything else except I put broccoli in there and let it cook while the soup was simmering and I must say, that I went way overboard on my portion control.
I've been fighting and winning a chest cold and this 
spicy, flavorful soup was just what the doctor 
ordered. It might even replace the old
fashioned chicken noodle
soup that I usually 
crave during
a cold.

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