Thursday, January 5, 2012


A few years ago I was inspired to bring my love of design,
fashion, and charity together.
I haven't given up on it, 
but I've restructured how I'd like to build that dream.
The dream included a boutique that would
have several levels of helping people.
My heart wants to helps so many people 
and causes that I struggle with getting all passionate
about just one.
I wanted a boutique where we could help
tons of them
while not neglecting the needs of our own community.
If I go into too much detail,
this post will sound like a business plan
but one part of the vision 
included T-shirts.
People would design a cool shirt, pick a charity,
the shirt would be produced in a size run
the designer would get a little,
the store would get little,
and the charity would get most.
I stumbled upon a company that
is sort of doing that,
but they are doing it REALLY WELL!
I want to introduce you to:
(hopefully I can pull some pics from their site- fingers crossed)

each week there is a new shirt
that raises awareness and funds for a specific charity.
I bought my niece and nephew one for their birthdays.
The website displays a tally/counter of how much has been raised for the charity within that week.
I also love that they are very outspoken about the fact that
the t-shirts are $22 and 7 bucks goes to the charity.
I love the transparency
because anyone who has ever tried to start any
kind of charity or business knows 
that it costs money.
The shirts I bought Sophia and Matthew
went toward Voice a charity of musicians who raise money
through their music and other endeavors to 
free children child soldiers in the Congo.
This week the shirts raise money for safe drinking water for 
children in Peru.
Also, I love their mission, purpose and vision.
Here's what I grabbed from the website
which you will jump to immediately I know.
To raise capital and awareness for the world's greatest causes.
To learn the issues that break God's heart,
engage with the people who are called to the issue,
and create awareness & a funding movement that supports them in their efforts.
To see thousands of lives changed through the efforts we enabled.
I'm in love!
It's like a piece of my heart right there.
I'm so glad that there are people out there with similar visions 
as mine, but have the resource of time to live it out.
I think they are doing an amazing job and my heart is truly
even more inspired.
I look forward to each week to see the new tee, the new design,
and another charity doing the hard, adventurous, rewarding work
of changing the world.
I just realized how many sentences I started in this post that begin with
"I love". The old writing teacher in me is shaking her head and pointing her finger,
"tsk tsk".
there's a lot to love about Sevenly
and I'm hoping, hoping, hoping
that by the end of this post that you have fallen in love too.
Please make this company one of your favorites
especially if you or your teens enjoy graphic
tees that have meaningful messages.

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