Monday, January 2, 2012

Best Christmas Gift EVER!!!!!!!!

no air
no air
"oh my gosh"
hands cover face
(not the pretty kind)
"   "-yeah, trying to talk is useless.
Calli: "Everyone said you'd do this."
hands still covering face, no way to stuff the tears back in 
or stop them.
Calli: "I've been working on it in my art class, since October."
sniff, sniff, sniff
snot everywhere
I told you
(not the pretty kind)
Calli: "It's our picture from Almanor this summer. It's been so hard to keep secret."
There are no words for what happens when your child
gives you this kind of an epic gift.
From the heart.
Sacrificial in time and creativity.
She anticipated the moment
I'd open it.
She had video rolling.
(darn it. I cried when I watched it again for more than one reason.)
But she knew.
She knew me.
She knew my language.
She's only 11.
And she pulled it off.
I've never had that kind of a reaction to a gift.
I'm easy to please.
I grapple with the words even still 
for how special and lovely
this gift made me feel.
I hope every parent gets a gift like this.
If you are a parent and you know
this feeling that I'm doing 
a lousy job describing,
then I want to hear it!!!
These are the moments to embrace in, bask in and share!
And thank you Calli for touching my heart so deeply 
with your amazing gift of making everything
even lovelier than before.
and she made each of us look

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