Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
For all of you who read this regularly,
I want to apologize because I wanted to wish you 
Merry Christmas
and post a gorgeous family portrait.
However, as Murphy's Law would have it,
I forgot my password (yet again),
which I took as a sign from the heavens
that maybe I needed a little tiny break
from blogging to holiday it up
with my family.
you didn't get a gorgeous family portrait,
1) I was using the self timer on my camera which I've only in the past used by accident 
and needed to get familiar with, and determine which spot to run quickly too and 
act normal and fabulous (that didn't happen).
I had to make sure my big boots cleared the tripod and that I didn't 
trip on the Christmas lights I wrapped everyone up with.
Which is hilarious because you can barely see them in this last pic.
2) I was still figuring out where Jake needed to go so his melon would hide the security gadget on the wall.
3) Jon had to hold the dog who sleeps all day long perfectly still,
until I round up the family for a picture.
(Had to crop the dog out-he looked like a blurry version of the alien pug in Men in Black).
4) By the time I figured it all out so that we didn't look entirely like dorks tied up in 
Christmas lights- the battery on my camera died.
And with it, 
went my window of opportunity to 
make that stellar photo.
After that is was like herding cats.
This was the very last shot.
We were almost there.
It was supposed to be our Christmas card,
then it was going to be our New Years card,
but we never reattempted the session.
So you get this awkward photo
but the wishes and warmth
are the real deal!
I wish you the best,
very best 
for 2012!
And a special warm thanks again for 
visiting me here and
giving ear to my thoughts,
silliness, randomness, and 
hopefully once in a while cleverness,
but usually, most often,
I will resume regular postings after the new year!
We'll talk soon.

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