Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent Calendar

I finally finished my Advent Calendar.
(yes 9 days late)
I'm quite happy with it!
I bought an advent calendar kit
at the craft store.
In perfect form,
I thought,
"I bet I could make that even harder-
I mean, CUTER!" 
so, I got one of the vintage books
I had purchased for crafting
and combined text and images
with the stock kit
and began cutting and pasting.
I'm happy!
I purchased the frame at a Thrift Shop
during the summer,
finally spray painted the frame
and TrueLove was sweet enough to cut the 
chicken wire and staple it to the back for me.
We have lots of chicken wire around
from the chicken coop build out.
So I have a cute little Advent Calendar
and after Christmas,
I tend to put fabric behind the wire
and use it as a bulletin board.

I love the size of it.
It really amped up the 
Christmas vibe in our house.

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