Thursday, December 8, 2011

Filthy Gorgeous

This is one of my favorite stores!
It's one of those stores
that when you walk in you feel
like you've been transported to a wonderful place
where only beautiful things belong.
This store is home to several
cute little zebra finches
that fly around like
like little feathery angels.

A canary lives there too and if you linger
long enough, he will burst out into
a gorgeous song.
This is a store where you can find lovely
home furnishings, accessories or unique artisan created gifts.
Gifts like these moose made in South Africa with newspaper and burlap.

These beautiful wooden statues:

These whimsical sparkly Santas:

These simple stylistic sculptural heads:

I love this vintage ornament wreath, and I happened to catch our beautiful
song bird looking handsome as well.

Handcrafted, vintage inspired jewelry:

I took all of these pictures on my i phone. I wish they were better.
The store has a very peaceful, dreamy vibe that I wish you could experience.

This is a store where you go to find unique items with showcase character.
It is not for the frugal shopper but for the shopper that wants the character of found objects,
design elements, hand crafted items that sparkle, vintage flair, French country charm,
and natural tactile decor.
If the shop itself makes you crave a natural, peaceful, inventive vibe at home,
you can inquire about their design services at
Or if you just want to find that one unique gift for someone fabulous,
then find their shop at 55 Broadway Lane, near Boudin Sourdough Bakery.
Although it should smell like fresh baked bread given it's proximity to Boudin,
it does not! 
It smells like wonderful Christmasy aromas 
that are signatures of 
my FAVORITE candles ever!!!


I didn't take a picture of them, 
but I discovered them in their store several years ago 
when they were across from Nordstrom 
in the what used-to-be David M. Brian row of shops.
Woodwick's smell scrumptious, and as the name implies, 
they have a wooden wick.
This is special to me because I might have the only living room 
in northern California that does not have a fire place.
I love the crackling, fire like sound of the wooden wick
at Christmas time. 
I turn on my favorite Christmas tunes, light lots of tea lights 
and sit real close to the Woodwick 
pretend that I'm cozied up by my own fire. 
The scents are beautiful, bold but gentle (no headaches), 
and they make lovely gifts for anyone.
Wink. Wink.
Hint. Hint.

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