Monday, December 12, 2011

Disney Museum

We had so much fun here!
What a wonderful tribute to such
and inspirational man
that brought so much
joy into people's
Please make a date to visit.
We went early on a 
and for at least an hour 
it felt like we had the
whole place to
The space is designed to 
transport you from
the seasons of his life
and is exquisitely done.
It felt very personal,
It is not gimmicky, 
it is not amusement park-ish,
it is not a Disney attraction.
It is a space the family has created to
honor an amazing man, the artistry he inspired,
the visions he casted and completed,
and a historic walk through an innovative
and integral life.
It seems that whoever designed the space,
respected great beauty
and gave it it's own space and due and I'm referring
to the most spectacular view of the
Golden Gate Bridge I've ever experienced
in a building.
The building perches you into a space
where you are overcome with
awe at the only thing
worth looking at
in the moment.
The view!
You will understand when you visit.
Extraordinary design throughout the museum.
We learned so much
and plan to visit several more times.
I left with a real respect for how art is such a powerful tool
to express emotion, ideas, history, change, and 
bring worlds together.

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