Sunday, December 18, 2011

Teacher's Gifts

Today we discovered that 
my favorite candle company
Woodwicks makes minis.
They come with a very mini price point
but a whopping big aroma.
We bought a vanilla cake scent.
I've mentioned in past posts how much I love
these candles with their wooden wicks
that make a crackling sound
like a fire.
It's super special to me
because the fireplace in our house
is not operable and I long for
the feeling of a cozy,
roaring fire place
to snuggle up in front of.
This is like a little piece of that for me.
So we decided that these tiny little 
candles with their intoxicatingly 
delicious scents would make 
a lovely little gift for
the teachers.

We went to Richard's to doctor them up
just a little.
With one sheet of Christmas
label stickers we were
able to personalize
each one and make
them a bit more 

I had this ribbon already in the creamy gold. 
I bought the roll of chocolate brown
so that we could mix it up.
This ribbon is extra wide, extra sparkly,
and lasts forever.
I use it for everything.

Step one.

Step two.
Then we fluffed them up a little,
twisty tied a mini ornament
around a clear plastic bag.
I think they look 
I'd be so happy if a
student gave me 
something like this.

I wish I could brag about how inexpensive these
gifts were but I know that some of the
kids' teachers read my blog.
So I must keep that under wraps,
but I do want to encourage 
everyone that it doesn't 
take a lot of money 
to give a very

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