Monday, December 5, 2011

Correction/Lemon Verbena NOOOOT!!!!

I ran this post a few days ago and my SuperAwesomeSmartFruitIdentifyingNeighborChris
informed me politely that my amazing fragrant exotic lemony thing is NOT
lemon verbena, but actually called
This is a much more appropriate name as the "pedals" look very much finger-like.
If you have already searched for it under the bogus name, 
I greatly apologize.
The bright side of this is that I learned something new,
and you know that I am not above correction.
If I flub, I will tell you.
It was what I was told, so perhaps I need to go back to that farmer's market
and shake my Buddah's finger at the man
and tell him what this baby is really called.
I won't.
I'm just happy now that we all know.

I've never seen it before in the flesh!!!
This is a crazy looking fruit.
When you stick your 
face in the middle
of that thing
the most
envelops you!
Imagine the smell of Meyer Lemons
No, it's better than that.

I had no idea what to do with it.
I asked the gentleman at the Farmer's Market what I could do with it
and here are his suggestions.
  1. Zest it! It's a juiceless lemon, so anything you would use zest for works.
  2. Set it in the middle of a floral arrangement or just use it as the arrangement, the fragrance is strong enough to fill a space.
  3. Stick the peels in vodka, seal, wait a few weeks and voila! Lemoncello
  4. Slice the peels thin, sprinkle with sugar, back 10 - 15 min. at 350 and you have candied lemon peels.
  5. Use the peels for garnish in a Lemon Drop or Strawberry Lemonade
I'm definitely trying a few of these suggestions.
Please comment if you've got some ideas of your own.
I've never had one before but I'm in LOVE!
It's a freaky looking specimen but this fragrance is intoxicatingly fabulous!

For those of you, like me, haven't discovered this guy face-to-face,
but are sold based on my short blurb,
I found it at the Farmer's Market in the Shadeland's parking lot in Walnut Creek.

I've never been to this Farmer's Market before but I recommend it.
Awesome parking, it's just the right size to get in and out quick,
the farmers are super friendly, and it's just one long aisle.
I liked the one long aisle thing because often I scan the aisles first for best
prices and then can't remember where I found what.
So this is simplified and I also recommend it because you can find
crazy good smelling
Lemon Verbena

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