Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Tree Broccoli

The day that I discovered this broccoli at a Farmer's Market two years ago,
was a day that I'll never forget.
"Cristmas Trees!!!! This is so beautiful! 
I'm making a floral arrangement out of this!
What is it?!"
If I had a picture of the farmer who just stared at me blankly
as I went on and on and on about this thing. 
I was discovering a new a wonderful creation.
It would probably make good material for a comedy
honestly because I wouldn't stop raving about
how beautiful the Christmas trees were.
I was so dazzled 
that I couldn't shut up.
It is not called "Christmas Tree Broccoli"
although it should be. It is called "Romanesco Broccoli"
and sometimes referred to as "Romanesco Cauliflower".
and it is simply a work of art.
I want to take it to my friend at Twigss and see
what lovely arrangements she can whip up
with these things.
I have made beautiful blanched veggie trays with them
as the center piece. They make a great conversation starter
as everyone wants to know if the little Christmas trees are edible.
And they are and they taste like broccoli but a bit more mild.
Just blanch, shock them in a quick ice bath, dab them dry and add
a good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Celtic Sea Salt.

I often tell people that I find God 
at the Farmer's Market.
It's true.
When I find something new and amazing
I just revel in the fact that God is 
so creative and cool.
Whether it's Romanesco Broccoli,
Lemon Verbena,
Peppermint Swirled Radishes,
Little Bitty Artichokes.
There are always going to be new things to marvel and wonder at.

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