Friday, December 9, 2011

Perks for Fans of VitaMix

I am so excited about a special perk on my page!
I have worked out a deal with VitaMix since
it's one of my favorite kitchen gadgets
on earth.
Why is it my fave?
It makes my favorite Arbonne protein shakes velvety and creamy.
It makes juice without losing the important fiber.
Fiber is very important, and fruit juice can cause blood sugars to spike. With VitaMix you keep that precious fiber in there doing it's good work for your body.
I make super easy soups in it when I'm following a more fresh, raw diet.
I can make healthy sorbets quickly.
It's easy to clean.
And I think it's rather handsome on my kitchen counter!
I've spotlighted this item in all of my smoothy recipes I've posted.
And NOW!
I get to offer anyone who might 
be asking for one for Christmas
OR buying one as a gift,
a special discount.
See the groovy coupon to the right?
If you click on the coupon code
and order,
then you get free shipping
which is about $25 on a bad boy like that!
So enjoy!

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