Friday, December 2, 2011

Holy Makeover!

Curling up to a good book is always in fashion.
Especially when the book is filled with drama,
romance, action, poetry, supernatural battles, controversy and self-help
principals that have lasted centuries.
Readers are very partial to their copies of this 
top selling, trendsetting book.
Maybe it's the smell of old leather, 
the way the pages slip off your fingers or naturally fall open to your favorite parts,
or the natural weathered patina-
the wear marks that are emblems of hours of study
and soul searching.
That's the way it is with this amazing book.

One of my favorite Bibles
was one I found in the "Lost and Found" at my
childhood church.
TrueLove says," I can't believe you took
it from the lost and found. Who gets Bibles like that?"
Somehow, as a 17 year old, I reasoned that someone had LOST it
and I had FOUND it. They would probably be
thrilled that a teenager was reading it.

It's not just the sentimental smell
and feel of the pages that endears us to this book.
Truly it's the story that stands the test
of time, outlives fads,
and continues to
be the most beautiful words 
ever penned.
A love story like no other.

what if this amazing book could get a 
Not changed.
Not reworded.
Not new.
But reformatted?
Like a remodel, an up-do, or a new look?
Well, I happen to know that it has.
The Source View Bible 
has the same life enhancing, wonderful words
but a completely new format.
Imagine a blockbuster script.
It reads like that.
Drama and theater.
Characters who speak are color coded,
chapter breaks are removed,
and traditional chapter and verse references
almost act like an understudy,
they are there if you need them
but they do not interrupt the good storytelling.
I think it's brilliant!
Group readings almost elevate to a
participatory theater feel.
Everyone gets to be IN the story.
It's genius.
And an appropriate and stunning makeover.
Everyone should have one.
Click on the link to read the backstory on SourceView, see sample texts,
and order your copy.

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