Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Caroling

Every year we go 
caroling at
Danville Nursing 
and Rehabilitation Center.
It's my favorite.
We've been doing it for so long that we've
lost count of how many years
it's been since our first visit.
I used to have to hide behind my big
camera because I would cry 
the entire time.
I'm now able to come out from 
the camera, visit with people and 
sing along.
Without much preparation
we bust out a few carols,
do some sign language,
actually we sound quite
nice too.
always smiles the entire time.

We start in the lunch room where a few of our
fans are usually waiting.
This sweet fan was so excited about our
song that she began directing.
Probably she also saw a 
little need there,
but it was so
much fun.

stepped out and led a few songs of her own.

Which was also tons of fun!

I love this picture of my BeautifulFriendBarbie
helping a lady find her place so
she could follow along in songbook.
I also love the face on the
little boy in the back.

And my most favorite part
and the part where my heart usually melts
all over the place-
is when we take the 
Christmas spirit down
the halls.
We visit all the 
Sometimes the children will go
right in the rooms and talk to people
handing them handmade gifts
or cards, as we did this
We had a request this time
to visit a room where someone was
especially down and in need
of encouragement.
As we sung 
outside the room
one of our vocalists was
compelled to go in and sing a
spontaneous song of blessing 
over the residents.
It was so sweet and precious.
From the spot where I stood I could 
actually see the atmosphere of the
room shift into one that was
lighter and sweeter.
As their spirits were lifted there
was a visible change.
How cool is that?
It's because a bunch of us
decided to go singing in a place where
people long for visits, companionship,
and joy.

Don't you want to join us next year?

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