Monday, January 9, 2012

Hummus Heaven

Hummus Heaven is a new favorite find of mine
 and since I am
on day EIGHT of my
this find is especially dear to me.
Hummus Heaven is a local based company in 
San Leandro and they whip their beans in 
such a way that they don't use as 
much oil as in most hummus.
Well, that's great, but not only is it 
lighter and healthier,
but it tastes fantastic!
I have always referred to myself as a
"junky for variety"
I am pleased to say that this junky found
varieties of hummus.
Also they make spreads.
My favorite,
the Tomato Basil spread,
has only tomato, oil, basil, garlic, salt and pepper.
It tastes like pizza!
It's light and fluffy and I can enjoy it in plenty
on this program,
or any program for that matter.
Unless there's something out there that 
villainizes tomatoes. 
Saturday, when I took the kids to the Farmer's Market,
I let them pick out a bunch of their 
favorites after tasting seventeen varieties.
They chose:
Avacado Cilantro Hummus
Pesto Hummus
Roasted Garlic and Chive Hummus
Black Bean w/Chipotle Hummus
Spicy Harissa Hummus
Just to name a few of the delicious flavors. 
They claim that their Artichoke Hummus
is their best seller.
So, for lunch Sunday, I had already had a Recovery Shake
I decided on a small snacking style lunch.
I put the leftover roasted butternut squash from the other night,
sliced up some cucumber for dipping
and put a drop of Avacado Hummus
and a drop of Tomato Basil spread.
It was so refreshing and lovely.
although I have a lovely Farmer's Market,
just a mile and a half away,
I did go out of my way to shop the market that
carries this item.
On the 30 day plan, when I am extremely limited
on what I can indulge in and when,
I found it worth the drive to the
Shadeland's Farmer's Market 
to get it.
Perhaps if we all start nudging Whole Foods to 
pick up this brand,
we won't have to drive so far.
For me, it's worth it for the Tomato Basil Spread alone.
My family puts it on everything.
They are going to have to package it
in bigger tubs to accommodate our love for this product.
So, I thought I'd share it with you!

In November, I posted a Butternut Squash Pizza recipe,
which will show you how to roast butternut squash if you need to know.
It's very easy and a very acceptable carb on this plan.
And all of these dips can be added to recipes
to enhance flavor, 
cut down prep time,
let's not forget the old stand by--
forget the recipes and just eat by spoonfuls right out of the container! 

P.S. Hummus Heaven is not the same as Heavenly Hummus.

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