Tuesday, January 3, 2012

La Bicyclette ReliveIt!

New Year's Day
was about basking in glorious sunshine, gorgeous blue skies,
white fluffy sand, and icy blue ocean waves
creating the ambience for 
friends frolicking 
with a volleyball
making giant fanny prints in the sand.

This was a gorgeous Carmel-by-the-Sea day
displaying postcard weather that is rarely
enjoyed on this coastal town.
There was not even a breath or wisp of fog in the air.

(I just stuck this pic in because it was taken the night before
on the very same beach in front of a magical sunset,
in the company of lots of lovers saying goodbye to 2011
and it's my favorite picture of TrueLove and I that we took ourselves.)

So we were all working up an appetite.
It's not easy to accommodate 11 people for
a lunch in these tiny quaint 
the boys rounded us up a perfect spot
La Bicyclette.
This little European style cafe 
holds a special memory for me for it is where
my SweetFriendsAndAllThingsFunAndCelebratoryFriendsTodd&Jill
treated me to a birthday dinner a few years ago.
And during that dinner 
I ordered a Chimay beer.
And yes,
I am blogging about beer.
Even when their food is so fresh and fantastic.
Love beer.
Especially a delicious Belgian beer.
They served it to me on a sweet silver tray
that looks like an antique
and they served it with
celery salted cheese.
This was something new!
And wonderful!
I am such a sucker for ambiance and the fine presentation of food.
I was so dazzled by giving beer a special presence and moment on the dinner table.
Every time I've ordered a Chimay since
I would remember my happy thought 
about my first Chimay at La Bicyclette.
Here I am again at this magical place
where beer gets it's own little stage.
I ordered one!
With enthusiasm.
it was a little embarrassing since all the
healthy-health nuts were ordering
remember we had just been bouncing around at the beach
bumping volleyballs into the picture perfect sky,
sounds like a beer moment to me!
and so there it was.
I was so happy! 
See the cheese and the beautiful friends in the back ground?

See how happy I am?

It even came with a story.

Very very happy!
I am reliving my happy moment and thinking
about how special I am with my special beer, and special cheese chunk,
and special little tray and I'm going to write about it on
my special blog, and specialy-special-special- and then.....

sounds of shattered glass
the shifting of a musical rift that indicates something 
is not right in Paradise after all-
sound of balloon popping

What caused this?
What's that picture?

Oh noooo!
TrueLove's diet coke served on the specialy-special platter!
there went my little moment.
We all need this once in a while when we start
feeling a bit too specially with ourselves.
it was still very lovely.
I have replaced the happy Chimay moment with
the Chanterelle Mushroom wood fired pizza 
with truffle oil and paper thin lemon.
There is not a flavor like it.
Pairs nicely with the Chimay.
And no more pictures.
Too busy eating.
On our specially special special La Bicyclette plates.

then we said our goodbyes after some more
frolicking in front of the cafe.

It's funny that in the picturesque town of Carmel,
with all of it's sweet architecture, blooming gardens, and 
trees that grow right in the middle of sidewalks,
that we'd photograph our giant love fest
right in front of a stop sign.
I love it.

But then we can hassle a few more
passerby's on their romantic walks and 
shoot for a better background.
Why not?
It's New Year's Day and
we were making memories!


  1. Oh, it all sounds so fabulous! What wonderful memories :)

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